MUMPS Release Information

This is a full multi-user standard MUMPS implementation. Current ports are:


Current version is:   1.40 dated 25 Dec 2002.

Known Bugs/Problems

A pattern match of the form 1.3N3(1"."1.3N) doesn't work.
Similarly, 1(1"Y",1"") doesn't work properly either.

OPEN var without following arguments - MUMPS requires two arguments. (This seems to be required by the MUMPS Validation suite.)

The FOR @var and @@var etc constructs are not yet implemented.

Ending a line with "I" without the two trailing blanks doesn't compile and has no use and probably is non-standard.

Currently, the number of subscripts is limited to 63. (The MUMPS Validation suite seems to require up to 97 susbcripts.)

READ *var:0 leaves var=0 instead of var=-1 as it should.

The construct DO @@tag^@rou doesn't currently work.

Changes from version 1.39 to 1.40 are:

Increase maximum size of "map" block to 512kb.

Prepare for source release.
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